Aptos Community Update!

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Looking back at the last two months of the explosive Aptos ecosystem

It’s been a dizzying few months since our Genesis post and funding announcement. We want to take a moment and discuss the tremendous growth of the Aptos community.

After announcing our $200m fundraise led by a16z ​​with participation from Multicoin Capital, Haun Ventures, ParaFi Capital, IRONGREY, Hashed, Variant, FTX, Paxos, Coinbase, and others, we received a flurry of inbound from builders and partners ready to expand the ecosystem.

We are working with a diverse group of partners to help onboard the next billion users into web3. With partnerships from the likes of Google, we are taking a giant step towards that goal. Pontem Network, a long time collaborator, has chosen to build with Aptos as well.

After launching our developer testnet two months ago, more than 18,000 full nodes are live and running on the Aptos developer testnet — making it the largest known proof-of-stake node community running today. Thank you, Aptos community, for the significant progress toward our mission to be the most decentralized modern blockchain.

Another opportunity to “Move” into our ecosystem opens with the launch of our incentivized testnet. We welcome all who have been waiting patiently to get involved as we expand our validator community. This is only the beginning. We have received over 30,000 registrations to participate and are very excited to welcome our new friends into the Aptos ecosystem.

Builders in our community have been hard at work. It’s been inspiring to see the broad range of projects created so far, and we invite developers across web3 and web2 to check out the highlights channel in Discord and attend Move Mondays. The Aptos community is building Move tutorials, wallets, IDE plugins, changing token standards, explorers, simplifying node operation and monitoring, submitting PRs, producing improvement proposals, and much more!

Our first hackathon held earlier in May is a great example of the power of the Aptos community — we saw so many phenomenal projects (wallets, AMMs, games, NFT infrastructure, order books, and more!) built in less than 36 hours. Many of those innovative creators will be continuing to develop these initial hackathon projects with financial and developer support from Aptos. If you’re building, we would love to figure out a way to support you, so let’s chat!

The Aptos community will continue to build and grow. We are dedicated to bringing a safe, scalable, and upgradable web3 to billions of people. This is the time for all of us to focus on building the things to make that happen. Pairing the creativity and dedication of the community with a rapidly growing, world-class team of 50+ at Aptos and the best possible foundation to create on, we are incredibly optimistic that Aptos is well primed for mass adoption…and we are just getting started!

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