“Aptos is the culmination of our innovations—marking a single, collective step into a future owned by all of us.”


Aptos Labs Founding Team

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Exec Bios

Mo Shaikh Headshot

Mo Shaikh

Mo is the CEO and Co-Founder of Aptos Labs. He is a 3x founder with over a decade of experience in global financial markets and blockchain.

Previous accolades include leading blockchain strategic partnerships at Meta; advising the World Economic Forum on its global blockchain strategy; and serving as a consultant for Sovereign Wealth Funds, plus energy and telecom companies, as part of BCG’s Private Equity practice.

Raised in Brooklyn by a taxi driver and a housewife on welfare, Mo is a first-generation American. For him, building a more accessible world is not just a professional goal but a personal mission—and blockchain is the ultimate catalyst for this change.

Avery Ching Headshot

Avery Ching

Avery is the CTO and Co-Founder of Aptos Labs. He has spent over a decade building distributed technologies and scaling them to billions of users around the world.

Prior to co-founding Aptos Labs, Avery led the crypto platform team at Meta focusing on all aspects of blockchain technology from wallet infrastructure to L1 blockchain development—most notably the Diem blockchain.

Prior to that, he was the overall tech lead for all of Meta’s batch processing teams including Spark, Graph processing (Apache Giraph), Facebook Hive/Hadoop (Corona), distributed scheduling, and the unified programming model for pipelines. These technologies provide the underlying analytics for all of Meta’s products, scale to hundreds of thousands of machines, and enable experiences for billions of consumers.

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Team Leads & Founding Team

Team Leads & Founding Team

The Aptos Labs team is made up of highly-accomplished visionaries, engineers, researchers, strategists, designers, developers and builders—all committed to creating the new version of the internet. The Founding Team is credited as the original creators of the Move language, Move Prover, the BlockSTM parallel execution engine, and Narwhal and Bullshark consensus mechanisms.

Founding Members

Leadership Team

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